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  • Morning,

    Please pray for us as we begin the homeschooling journey tomorrow. I trust in the Lord.

  • Praise and prayer request.
    I am thankful to be in touch with you. I have been blessed to start to home educate my son, 6 years old till 2 years now. I praise the Lord for all his provision : strenght, health (physically, emotionnally, and mainly spiritually).

    I have prayer request and I trust the Lord that He knows me better and He provides wisdom and money to continue my new journey as homeschooler. It seems in my community that I “destroy” the future of my children and my husband and I do not have the same point of view regarding the homeschooling and the subject of homeschooling becomes a taboo subject in our couple. I am married to a full-time missionary, and before I serve my community, in national level as I am the contact person of MOMS in Prayer and the Mothers of Preschoolers. I have trained another person to assist me in leading these two organizations so that I can focus on homeschooling. I am motivated to educate, teach my own children after reading a lot of many resources about motherhood such as the missions of motherhood by Sally Clarkson, and many others…I am called to teach my children. Before I prepare many curriculum to teach women in my community in Madagascar, and now I am convinced that I want to equipe my own daughters. But my husband does not allow me to teach them, only my son who is the last that can benefit of this blessing. Please pray for my usband so that both of us have the unity in Spirit to “educate” our children and even homeschooling is so new in my community, pray for the children to endure the “mistelling about this new journey”.
    Thank you very much,

    • We are so blessed to hear from you and we are praying for your family and your husband to embrace homeschooling. Father, we lift up Do and her family to you. We pray for your wisdom to rest on her in this new journey she is undertaking. We also pray for the lies to be removed that are keeping people from embracing homeschooling, especially her husband and children. Guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and lead them in Your way. Show them the blessing and benefits of homeschooling. Holy Spirit, minister to her family the truth about homeschooling. Provide the money and resources she needs to continue moving forward. Encourage Do as she walks down this path, strengthen her to not give up but to fight in the Spirit, that You would be glorified Jesus.

      We will continue to pray for you. May the Lord bless you!

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